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Why Cape Verde is the New Investment Hotspot


On the beautiful, undiscovered Island of Boa Vista in Cape Verde, the latest development is quickly taking shape, presenting a host of first class overseas property investment opportunities for the smart, modern investor.

Cape Verde is fast becoming the new investment hotspot for those looking to strengthen their portfolios with a secure alternative investment – and it’s not hard to understand why.

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Africa, this tropical archipelago is being hailed around the world as the “new Caribbean”, as it attracts increasing numbers of tourists each and every year. Enticed by the turquoise oceans, sugar-white sands that stretch as far as the eye can see, year-round temperatures, and the impeccable Cape Verdean hospitality, these visitors are creating demand for luxury accommodation – a demand that is currently outstripping supply.

Due to open in early 2019, a brand new Hotel & Spa will make 835 luxurious properties available for new swathes of tourists as they continue to flock to Cape Verde in search of sun, sea, fun and relaxation.

The main hotel building will offer an exceptional choice of fine dining restaurants. A collection of spacious bars, including a relaxing lobby bar, sumptuous champagne bar and vibrant sports bar will satisfy all tastes.

If you’re looking for an overseas property investment opportunity from which you will enjoy assured returns through tapping into a growing tourist market, Cape Verde is where you’ll find it.

Investment from £10,000, 8/7/5 Property Options

With this portfolio immediate assured returns are made possible through fantastic Property Options offer. The offer means that from the first day of purchase – even while the Hotel & Spa is still in construction – investors enjoy assured returns up until the moment the Resort opens its doors to paying guests in early 2019. Investors will receive a guaranteed minimum rental yield period. They will also have the opportunity to resell their property with the assistance of the development group five years after their initial investment.

A Beautiful and Exciting Island with Year-Round Sunshine

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Boa Vista

The third largest, yet least densely populated Island in Cape Verde, Boa Vista – which aptly translates from the Portuguese for “beautiful view” – is a thriving island paradise, where the people are as warm and welcoming as the sun-drenched white beaches and crystal-clear waters that surround them.

Temperatures on Boa Vista average between 25°C and 30° all year around, creating the perfect winter holiday destination for people looking to top-up their tans on the 55km of unspoilt white sands when the sun is permanently hiding behind rainclouds at home. And with a tropical climate comes tropical wildlife. Boa Vista is home to one of the world’s most important nesting sites for the magnificent loggerhead turtle, while the waters off the coast form a breeding ground for humpback whales, which vie for onlookers’ attention against leaping pods of dolphins that never cease to amaze.

Though there are a few mountainous regions inland, Boa Vista is mainly flat – renowned, largely for its spectacular sand dunes and stunning beaches. The Capital, Sal Rei, weaves cobbled streets between multi-coloured buildings, which house many bars, cafes, and restaurants serving a selection of taste bud-tantalising local and foreign cuisines.

 Water sports are also very popular on the Island – in particular kitesurfing and windsurfing – while beneath the waves, snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities beckon the adventurous to explore reefs, ship wrecks, and colourful sea life.

All of this (and much more) combined, it’s no wonder that tourism on Cape Verde is enjoying the continued surge that it is.


Tourist Footfall increasing year on year

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Until recently, the tourism success of Cape Verde had been largely driven by increasing visitor numbers on Boa Vista’s neighbouring Island of Sal.This success cannot be overstated. Since the year 2000, tourist footfall has grown 115% year-over-year. According to the Word Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) latest report – ‘Cape Verde Travel & Tourism Economic Impact 2017’ – the country is expected to attract 578,000 international tourist arrivals this year, and increase to 728,000 by 2027. These arrivals will generate an expenditure of CVE 8.8 billion – representing an increase of 5.8% per annum.


The Resort Group PLC conduct regular valuations by a globally recognised and accredited valuation company. These are done in accordance with RICS Valuation Standards.
Previous projects by The Resort Group PLC demonstrate growth in value between off-plan purchase and Resort opening.

Average Off Plan Price
(5 Year sales period)
Valuation on
Completion* (2015)
Average Capital
Growth p.a.
1 Bed €115,194 €164,093 8.3%
2 Bed €166,250 €214,406 5.8%
Villa €367,320 €472483 5.7%
*Based on Savilles valuation 6.2% p.a.

• Capital growth of 6.2% p.a. across the Resort
• 1 bed properties 8.3%. TRG current Resorts have high proportion of 1 beds
• Tourism has continued to grow since 2015
• TRG now has guaranteed occupancy agreement with the world’s largest tour operator
• Current capital growth projections are 5-8% p.a.

5 Year Example Return: Off Plan Property Purchase

Phase Capital Growth Property Value Rental Yield Rental Income
Construction Year 1 5% €157,500 Zero Zero
Construction Year 2 5% €165,375 Zero Zero
Operational Year 1 5% €472483 5% €7,500
Operational Year 2 5% €182,326 6% €9,000
Operational Year 3 5% €191,442 7% €10,500
      €41,442   9.13% p.a.

• Average 9.13% p.a. over initial 5 year period
• Assumes capital growth levels below previous Resort performance
• Includes fixed rate of return during first 3 years of operation

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